Ubik Batch Server Features

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  • Simple Configuration
  • Standalone Job Scheduler
  • Time-based Scheduling
  • Event-based Scheduling
  • File-driven Flow charts.
  • One-shot Job Scheduling
  • Recurring Job Scheduling
  • Conditional Job Scheduling
  • Simple remote Scheduling by existing Scheduler
  • Holiday and Business Calendar Support
  • Time Zones management
  • Time Expressions
  • Workflow
  • Split and Join
  • Concurrency Throttles
  • Transactions
  • Clustering
  • Web User Interface
  • Single click Remote deployment on N Servers
  • Pause, Resume, Interrupt, Expedite, Modify Across a Cluster of Schedulers
  • Persistence
  • Error Handling
  • Logging
  • Audit Trail
  • Java, J2EE, XML, ESB, Web Services Integration
  • Extensible Data Producers for High Performance
  • Integrated DB Pool Management
  • Integrated Monitoring
  • Runs with JDK 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
  • Easy developpment mode with embedded Database
  • Support Snmp (Simple Network Management Protocol)

Software Server

  • Java Server that runs groups of batches
  • Integrated JDBC DataSources
Jdbc datasources editing on a remote Ubik batch server ©.
Jdbc datasources editing on a remote Ubik batch server ©.
  • Concept of Batch archive equivalent to WAR/EAR
  • Class Loader isolation

Main figures

  • 8 years in production
  • More than 500 Batches / 40 Projects in Production
  • 70 (Production only) Running Servers on different platforms (Windows, Linux) and different countries (North Europe, South Europe, Asia, South America)
  • Critical Batches (Inventory management, Back office accountacy, Order Management, Address Fusion...)
  • High load support
  • High availability (24/24, 7/7)


  • Triggering of Batch based on Cron Expression
  • Triggering of Batches based on relations between them (Workflow of batches)

Pluggable Batch data sources

  • Built-in implementation that extracts data based on a Pool, a SQL Query
  • Built-in implementation that extracts data from Files
  • JMS Sources
  • Webservice sources


  • Integrated notification of concerned users through mailing or or pluggable system
  • Integrated notification on OutOfMemory risks
  • Integrated notification on Pool exhaustion risks
  • Integrated notification if Batch Execution exceeds a configured maximum duration
  • Live Memory, threads and other indicators monitoring
Real time monitoring of a remote Ubik batch server ©.
Real time monitoring of a remote Ubik batch server ©.


  • Unit of deployment that groups batches of a project, their JAR dependencies in a deployable archive
  • Hot deployment/undeployment/redeployment of Batch Archive
  • Web application that controls many batch servers
  • Pluggable authentication and authorization (LDAP, Database ...) on Ubik Batch Web Controler
  • Modification of Batches configuration at runtime through Ubik Batch Web Controler


  • Batch historization in a Database
  • Log levels control on runtime
Log level control on a remote Ubik batch server ©.
Log level control on a remote Ubik batch server ©.


  • Antoine Bourré
  • Philippe Mouawad
  • Benoît Wiart
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